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  • What does the Petition call for?

The gist of the petition is to call an election to allow the people of OKC to vote on whether the City of OKC should establish a temporary 4 year, 1/2 of one percent (0.5) city income tax with the collected proceeds granted and distributed to all the school districts in which the children of OKC attend school for the purpose of providing annual bonuses to teachers and support staff.

  • Does everyone pay the tax?

No. There is an exemption for those individuals whose adjusted gross income (total income minus personal deductions) is less than $15,000/yr and those filing jointly whose adjusted gross income is less than $30,000/year. The AGI calculation is relatively straightforward. It is equal to the total income you report that's subject to income tax—such as earnings from your job, self-employment, alimony income and interest from a bank account—minus specific deductions, or “adjustments” that you're eligible to take.

  • Which school districts would receive funds?

All school districts in which children who live in OKC attend school would receive funds. The funds would be distributed identical to the way they were distributed in MAPS for KIDS: calculate the percentage of children living in OKC which attend school in a certain school district and distribute that same percentage of the funds to that school district. In MAPS for KIDS, approximately 70% of the children who lived in OKC attended schools in the I-89 school district and so 70% of the funds were distributed to the I-89 school district. The school districts which would receive funds would include.: Banner, Choctaw-Nicoma Park, Crooked Oak, Crutcho, Deer Creek, Edmond, Harrah, Jones, Little Axe, Luther, McCloud, Midwest City-Del City, Millwood, Moore, Mustang, Norman, Oakdale, Oklahoma City, Piedmont, Putnam City, Robin Hall, Western Heights, Union City and Yukon.

  • How many signatures need to be collected and in what time frame?

Roughly 12,000 signatures would need to be collected over the next 90 days. The petition was filed on August 14, 2017.

  • When would the election be held?

The OKC City Council would have public discussion and hearings regarding the election date. The first available date would be April 3, 2018. Obviously, the earlier the election, the earlier funds could be collected for teachers and support staff and the petition specifically calls for the election to be set on the first available date of April 3rd, 2018.

  • Are Superintendents going to be paid bonuses?

No. The bonuses would be only for non-administrative personnel including teachers, nurses and support staff (cafeteria workers, janitorial services etc…).

  • What do I need to know about collecting signatures?

The person collecting the signatures needs to be available to explain the gist of the proposition and actually observe the signature take place. Once ten signatures have been obtained, the person collecting the signatures needs to write on the backside of the last page the name of the ten people who signed the petition. It is therefore critical that the person collecting the signatures be able to read the name of the person signing the petition.

  • Who can sign the petition?

To sign the petition one must be a registered voter who lives within the city limits of Oklahoma City. Those who live within municipalities inside of OKC (Nichols Hills, the Village, Mustage etc…) cannot sign the petition.

  • Does Save OKC Schools have a social media presence?

Yes. Please visit our Facebook page by clicking here and watch for our twitter and instagram posts.

  • How can I make a donation?

Click here to donate or one can send a check directly to BankSNB, c/o Theresa Moore for Save OKC Schools, 6301 Waterford Blvd, Ste 101, OKC, OK, 73118-9950.

  • Can other cities try the same approach?

Yes.  Any city could run a similar initiative petition. The petition would require signatures equaling 25% of the number of registered voters who voted in the last citywide election for city office (generally a mayor’s race). If the Save OKC Schools campaign is successful, the City of OKC would make arrangements with the Oklahoma Tax Commission to collect the tax. Once the vendor had made such arrangements, any other municipality could come in behind OKC and the mechanism for collecting such a tax would be in place.